Creating Your Internet Marketing Plan for Your Bellevue Company

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Here at Fannit, seattle local internet marketing, we focus on helping our customers address their three biggest pain points in marketing: traffic, leads, and sales.

Traffic – Having traffic does not mean that your Bellevue business is receiving the necessary leads that could turn into sales. You’re traffic may be the wrong target market. The type of  traffic you get will directly impact quality and lead volume which may increase or reduce your closing sales ratio (depending upon your sales system you currently have setup).

Leads – Having leads is great but leads that don’t close mean no revenue for your company. The second pain point that we address is the quality of leads for a client. A lot of our clients find that their biggest problem is not the volume of traffic they are receiving but the quality of leads they get from the current traffic volume. This means we need to purge and refine the current traffic to provide the client with more quality leads.

Sales – This is the revenue generator. You can get traffic, you can get leads, but without sales you’re still dead in the water. Sales has everything to do with a solid communication system that follows up and nurtures leads down the funnel to a close in either referral or product and services. This is the single biggest problem with most clients we work with. They believe their closing process is strong and that their bigger problem is more traffic. However, a few changes with a sales problem can drastically increase yearly revenue volume off of current traffic volume.

So, refining your traffic generation while refining your sales system will naturally allow lead generation to take care of itself. We call this closed loop marketing

Scale Your Bellevue Business by Closing the Loop

Scaling means you’ve nailed down the average value of a lead, the average closing ratio of leads, and the average cost of attaining a new lead specifically with each new traffic generation channel and generally among all channels of traffic.

This is the first step to building a successful marketing system for your business. Once you’ve honed in your marketing you’ll be able to continue to refine and scale your business through more traffic generation efforts.

Why Businesses Fail at Marketing

Usually businesses take a backwards approach to their marketing. They try to generate traffic without having a solid approach to sales. Obviously, you need traffic to refine sales but companies often don’t try to refine their sales process, they simply try to get more traffic and more leads. This causes a slow “bleed out” of leads over time. More traffic and more leads without a solid closing and nurturing system is still an open loop.

Let’s have a conversation about closing the marketing loop of your company.